Visual Sports Systems

In 2015, golf simulator experts, SwingTrack by Visual Sports, prepared to launch a new website. We worked closely with them to help rethink the new look and feel, and to reposition the company at the forefront of their industry. With SwingTrack’s advanced technology and multi sport capabilities, it was time website expressed the same expert positioning and sophistication as their product.

In creating a new website for SwingTrack, the challenge was to marry the visceral experience and playfulness with the advanced technology of their product. We were able to solve this through combining artistry and engineering, which created a unique balance of promotion of their tagline, 365 days of play, and the sophistication of their technology. Studio Locale strategically created the redesign around the idea, “it’s just like being there”, which parallels playing golf indoors on a SwingTrack simulator with being out on the golf course, a main selling feature of the product.