InTheChat: Digital Customer Service

InTheChat is an enterprise-grade digital customer service platform provider that unifies text messaging, social media and web, mobile and in-app chat into a seamless conversation with customers—no silos, agent confusion or customer aggravation.

InTheChat has partnered with Studio Locale since its inception in 2011 to build and develop their brand. In 2015, they approached our team to refresh their brand, identity and website to reflect their changing vision to disrupt the contact centre industry. The brand persona was updated to be more bold, edgy and confident to reflect their evolving vision and solution.

For the updated website, a focus on the unrestrained nature of their customer service systems, images of mobile device users in atypical spaces or situations were sourced to exemplify the flexibility of the platform. InTheChat's systems allow the freedom to choose how we wish to interact with corporations and when. Whether it’s on a bus, on a mountain (service willing), or walking down Queen St. West, InTheChat's digital platform provides an opportunity for seamless interaction.